Website Design

Finding a website design company that builds five-star websites in your area for an affordable price is difficult to come across. Because of this problem, Marketing With May began to develop and design websites for small local businesses. It’s important to me to give you a website that establishes your digital presence.

Making a Good First Impression

It’s important to make a good first impression these days from the moment someone Googles you and clicks on your website. That could be the deciding factor for whether or not they choose you over your competitors. Sounds pretty serious, huh?

Well, I know what is important for the success of your website. For instance, the most popular question asked by people needing a new web design or their first website is, “What should my website have or do to get views and be productive?”

The answer is not one of a specific design element or functionality per say, but it is a simple one – don’t make users think! Users don’t want to hunt to find things. As a matter of fact, they won’t; they will leave before attempting to find the answer on your website.

I Won’t Make Your Users Think

I will build you a website with user functionality in mind and a modern design to attract the attention of your visitors, including mobile friendliness. Your website will consist of (if applicable):

  • Site Identity and Mission
  • Site Hierarchy
  • Search
  • Teases
  • Content Promos
  • Feature Promos
  • Finely Content
  • Deals
  • Shortcuts
  • Registration