Social Media Management

Managing your different social media accounts from Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest to  Twitter and everything in between can quickly become overwhelming. What’s even worse are the companies that charge outrageous prices for generic, impersonalized services; but you won’t get that with Marketing With May!

Does my business really need to be on social media?


If done correctly, social media can add to your business’s creditability, improve your website’s SEO and increase your business’s visibility. Each of these goals are accomplished by creating original content and targeted campaigns then growing a social audience and interacting with them. Marketing With May will connect your business with people who are interested in your products or services.

Presence is Key

The key to being successful on any social media platform is your presence. What I mean by that is you constantly “being online,” such as posting, sharing, tweeting, liking, commenting, following, friending, pinning, etc. You can’t go a week or so without any engagement or your numbers will begin to decline.

However, there is such a thing as too much visibility! Even though you might want to constantly be in front of people, reminding them you exist, it can begin to be annoying. Think about it – when you are browsing the Internet yourself and are consistently interrupted by pop-up ads, don’t you begin to get aggravated? It’s the same situation with social media feeds.

But don’t worry, your accounts will be in the expert hands of Marketing With May who knows precisely when to post to reach the most people and has the perfect formula for balancing what you post about. Marketing With May personally handles each account to increase engagement and generate leads.