Email Marketing

Email Marketing is NOT a thing of the past, in fact it is probably more popular than ever now. People are comfortable with email, and that is why it is still an essential tool for communication … and marketing. Nonetheless, proper techniques and tools must be used to make email marketing a success for your business. 

Email Marketing of Today

Campaigns are the solution to your email marketing problems; they can make your current efforts much simpler all the while increasing customer engagement. Marketing With May will have you sitting back, relaxing and watching your numbers soar. Your email marketing campaigns will be segmented to your specific audience, custom designed with original content and backed with powerful analytics. This is accomplished through the most widely-used email marketing system by an individual who invests time into your business.


In today’s email marketing world, you MUST use a system like MailChimp or you might as well flush your money down the drain. Marketing With May uses MailChimp because it gives your business the most bang for your buck. Some of the perks include:

  • sending mass email
  • greater audience reach
  • deliver to a targeted audience
  • privacy protection
  • custom designing
  • professional appearance
  • screen & device compatibility
  • contact storage
  • individual analytics
  • overall production analysis